Air Sanitazer

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Air Sanitazer

In indoor spaces with many people present at the same time, the air quality deteriorates in a short time due to the air we exhale and perspiration. Experts refer to aerosol pollution as microscopic particles that accumulate in indoor air and can remain for long periods of time.

Polluted ambient air is proven to be an important route of transmission of viruses, bacteria as well as other pathogens, and the watchword is always: “ventilate, ventilate, ventilate!”

Based on the need to find solutions to this problem in interior spaces that do not have the possibility of natural ventilation or the introduction of fresh air, Euroclima developed the AirSanitizer.

Euroclima's AirSanitizer recirculates and filters contaminated air using high efficiency filters, ensuring indoor air quality and user comfort.

Suitable for hospital rooms, classrooms, residences, restaurants, gyms, or Open Space offices, AirSanitizer offers a high level of security allowing to filter 99.95% of all viruses, bacteria and germs.

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