"CC" Series


“CC” Series Cassettes

Water cassette for ceiling installation, 4-way “CC” series are designed and produced for a double requirement: high performance with maximum silent and innovative design for every type of environment.

Two versions are available: with 2 and 4 tubes.

The cassettes allow the air conditioning of the space in summer and winter with a uniform and homogeneous distribution resulting from its grille with “Coanda” effect.

Its innovative and aesthetically appealing panel is a solution that allows an elegant framing and a perfect mix in the space to be air-conditioned.

Chassis and decorative panel dimensions are compatible with European standard ceiling modules.

Installation is very simple and fast thanks to the patented device, which allows for a quick installation, avoiding all the typical disadvantages of this application.

The water cassette is extremely versatile and suitable for different requests with a wide range of models and wide availability of accessories.

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