ZHK Inova

Modular AHU

ZHK Inova

The incredible flexibility of the ZHK INOVA range makes it the best choice for solutions in the process industry,
pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, clinics, automotive industry, industrial halls, textile factories, power stations, warehouses, research centers, offices, hotels, etc.

All these areas have special needs and requirements that cannot be met with standard air handling units.

For this reason ZHK INOVA is 100% configurable, allowing the customer to obtain a versatility of solutions, with different size options, technical solutions and easily adaptable to the requirements of their project.

ZHK INOVA guarantees excellent air treatment with high energy performance.

Integrated control option.

Hygienic applications VDI 6022, sheet 1/01/2018) and DIN 1946, part 4 (09/2018).

Hy Approved QualityEUROVENTErP 2018

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